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Other Services

  • Heart of Honour: $100 to $200

    • Deceased loved ones' clothing woven into a heart.

  • Crochet Pieces: $10+

    • Size: 8in x 8in

    • Wash clothes: $10+

    • Colourized and crocheted 

    • Neon Socks: $15

  • Guest Speaking: $350

    • Mental Health

    • Motivation through Grief

    • The Art of Healing/Healing Through Art

  • Workshops (contact for pricing)


Rest in Peace George Floyd. Feeling came over me in art class. Later gave the card to a friend who was hospitalized for 6 weeks, told him that he could breathe. Unfortunately he passed in his 8th week. Rest in Peace Laurence.


Street Promotion on Valentines’ day on Main Street handing out hearts to strangers pre-COVID

Tennis player had a heart attack, and made this for his recovery. Commissioned piece


Made a Heart of Honour of our MLA, Melanie Mark 

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 2.15.35 PM.png

My first heart of honour brought tears to both our eyes, as I transformed her deceased mother’s leotard and printed blouse into a living memory. 

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Guest Speaking
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1 (workshop).HEIC


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